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Spotify connect player for BS5

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beolion posted on Wed, Nov 5 2014 6:19 PM


It does not looks like we are going to get Spotify Connect for BS5 ;-(

However, does anyone know that the cheapest system is that I can get to have Spotify Connect?

I then want to attach the system to the USB interface of my BS5, so I dont need a Spotify Connect speaker.

Just like PM or Airport Express with audio out, just also including Spotify Connect.



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I'm curious about adding the Chromecast dongle to my BeoSound 5. Provided that you have your BeoSound 5 source set to AUX, are you able to include the dongle in casting from WITHIN the BeoX App, BeoMusic App, or BeoLink 2 App? I know that adding an NL converter would be the ideal solution, but the ability to include the dongle in chrome casting from within a B&O app would be a nice workaround (provided that one has at least one NL multi-room product).

You can group a ChromeCast Audio dongle connected to any aux-port (which mean also to the line-in of the BS5) with the ChromeCast part of one or more B&O NL device/s.

You must use Google Home for that.

But that does not turn your BS5 into a NL device and you will still have to activate A.Aux to get sound from the BS5 and to control the volume.

A workaround, yes - but it limits you to the cast feature, and you must deal with 3 control points: the cast-enabled app, the B&O app and the B&O physical remote (alternatively the controls on the BS5).

There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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MJBeo replied on Mon, May 22 2017 9:44 AM

I am always doubting if I should start saving for a second hand BS5. I listen to spotify most of the time, CD's and vinyl. I currently have a setup with playmaker to my BM5500, but I am not too happy with the ipad or iphone as a controller. I'd rather use a steel weel of BS5 or a beo4 remote. However, the spotify on the BS5 appears to have similar functionality to the app on my 1st generation iPad, without the "my music" section with saved albums, but instead only "favourites" and "playlists" and "radio". Is that correct?

The lurking danger is that spotify will abandon these old devices, so buying a BS5 would then not the be a good investment for me. Unless it is possible to hack it to be more future proof?

I have a Chromecast Audio connected to the UCA222.

I do also have Spotify Connect installed.

Both works fine for me.

Are you saying you installed something on the BS5 that enables spotify connect? I am pretty sure you did not mean that, but since it is a windows machine it should be possible (I got it working on my Beomedia1, although I did not get the sound output right away and I stopped working on it).



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