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Beovox 5700

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Lomax posted on Sun, Aug 24 2014 9:22 PM

So, this is my first post here after lurking for a few months! I have enjoyed reading about all the different adventures and amazing repair stories from other users - I am in awe of the skills on display! In fact knowing this forum exists was one of the reasons I felt I dared to jump into the B&O pond myself :) After much reading and geeking out on tech details I decided that the target system for my first ever B&O set-up should be the Beovox 5700 speakers, paired with either a Beomaster 6000 or (budget permitting!) 8000, with other bits added later on (the remote being one thing, a Beogram another). I've always wanted a pair of 70s monster speakers and having fallen in love with the design of the 6/8000 systems I felt it had to be B&O all the way. Can't beat matching wooden trim, and the 5700s are about as "monster" as anything they've done!

I'm happy to be able to say that after a couple of missed opportunities and failed eBay bids I have finally secured a pair, in decent-ish condition, and at a price that while on the high side is juuuust within the reasonable :) I should be getting my hands on them sometime next week! 

Now the thing is, these speakers have been around and are pretty grubby. The dust caps have (of course) vanished, and there's a fair amount of dust and dirt on the cones and surrounds. So they will need some restoration work before I can start using them! Now if I'm going to strip the elements out of the boxes for cleaning and dust-cap replacement, I might as well take the opportunity to replace the original wiring and the caps on the cross-overs. I have read enough stories about the improvement a re-cap on these particular speakers can offer to know it's something I'll want to do!

My question to the forum is simple: what capacitors will I need for a full re-cap of the 5700 crossovers? I have the circuit diagram, and a couple of high-res photos, but I'm not able to identify the types from either. Are some of these caps bi-polar? What are the chunky rectangular things with colour coding stripes - film caps? What about voltage tolerances, these are not noted on the diagram? Ideally I'd like to order the cap sets and the dust-caps so I get them in time for next weekend, so I can do the work then - your help is much appreciated!

Many thanks,



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I have a pair of 5700's which I want to sell. However, it seems like a tweeter isn't working properly in one speaker. Otherwise they're fine (apart from cosmetic things like cup rings on the top of the cabinet).  I just don't have the space for them and I'd like to sell them to someone who would be interested in fixing them up or salvaging parts if they prefer, and I'm wondering what sort of price I should charge? I'm not really up for attempting to fix them myself, I don't have the knowhow and I'd probably make them worse! I'd just like to sell 'em and use the money to get some bookshelf speakers.

Someone has offered me £50 which I feel is a bit low, but I really don't know. So, any advice on what to charge would be great. Thanks!

Menahem Yachad
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For crossover capacitors, I always use Solen Fast Capacitors 400V PB.

Ships from Montreal area in Canada, excellent pricing.



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