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Travelling in Mexico
Søren Mexico's Blog


Today I left Mexico city to go to Xalapa government city of the state Vera Cruz, Left Mex. city at 6:00 am, to avoid the morning rush hours, the road to Xalapa has improved the last 10 years, you can now drive on good motorways all the way, some 300 Km, getting out of Mexico city, we start going up in the mountains, Mexico city is at 2,500 meters above sea level, and we go up to 3,500 meters before it start going down again.

The route we are following is nearly the same as Herman Cortes used 1519, I think, only he came in where we are going out, we will be traveling for about 3 hours, Cortes was walking and a little on horse back, he took about 2 months.

From the road going up in the mountains we get a good sight of the active volcano, Popocatepetl, today Popo has snow on the top, so has the surrounding mountain tops. Popo is 5400 Meter high, the locals living around there call him, Old Grandfather, Popo spits out some ashes and rumble a little a couple of times a year.

Going down to the foot of the mountain range, we reach Puebla, the saying goes that Puebla has more churches than inhabitants, going in to the center you will find a church on nearly each street corner.

As I know the new Motorway to Xalapa, has nearly no gas stations, I check the fuel gauge to make sure I can go some 200 Kms more. The poad from Puebla to Xalapa goes over plains where farms are at work, As it is a pay road, there is not too much trafic, and there are, depending of the time of year, some beautiful sights to see, some 35 Kms before Xalapa we come to Perote, Perote is a farmer town and around Perote you will find some of biggest pork farms and industries in Mexico. This pork farming has a history. During world war II, some German warships was arrested in the port of Vera Cruz, the crew from the ships, was send to Perote, after a short time where the Perote people got used to, and got to know the Germans, they found out that there were a lot of farmers between the German marines, so instead of keeping them in a camp, they were send out to the farms to help there. As the Germans saw the possibilities in this amazing farmland, they started the pork farming in serious there, before that the farmers grew the, for Mexicans, normal corn and beans crop. Porks was something they used for the household, more common was beef cows, which used the big grass plains for food, the Germans turned that around and used the grass lands to grow pork food, mostly corn,

In Perote today you will see the heritage of the Germans, a lot of the Germans stayed there after the war, so German names are common in Perote, and you will see some blond blue eyed children running around.

On the main street in Perote you will find a lot of shops, like German butcher shops, selling cold cuts, hams, pork roast and of course the wonderful German sausages. I always make a stop there on my way back to store up some of the items, the hams they make there are a gift from heaven.

The last 35 Km to Xalapa is again through mountains, coming into Xalapa is not a pretty sight, dirty and bad roads everywhere in the city, but they have a beautiful University, situated in a lush wooden area with a couple of clean lakes in it, our hotel is just a few steps away from there, so a walk in the park is an obligation.

Again in Xalapa, you find the footprints of Herman Cortes, he came through here on his way to Mexico city, they had to stay here to recover from the journey through the swamps around Vera Cruz.

Traveling in Mexico is easy today, 20 years ago there were bad roads, insecure and no service along them.

This has absolutely nothing to do with B&O, but I have to do something in the evening, alone in my hotel room.       

Posted Mon, Mar 18 2013 5:54 PM by Søren Mexico


John Francis wrote re: Travelling in Mexico
on Mon, Apr 22 2013 5:36 AM

Hello Soren,

I have just now read this and what a wonderful thing to share, maybe not B&O related regarding equipment but definitely in regard to getting to know Soren the person that has a passion for B&O.  I love to travel so appreciated reading this, it made me feel like I would have liked to have been there with you. Thanks.