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Another new start!
Peter's Blog


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Having been with site since the very beginning, I have seen all the updates! I think I can happily say that this blog update is certainly the easiest to use so far!

During my time here I have gone from the only moderator to one of a team. My collection of I use regularly. B&O initially was very large with well over one hundred pieces, all of which worked. This was the secret of my success in answering questions as I could simply try it out and see what worked! This approach became less necessary with the advent of the Product Configuration Guide and more and more members joining. I have downsized my collection massively as I was simply not using it and I donated the bulk to the aborted museum at Bellac. Unfortunately most of the systems were badly affected by the damp there as for some reason it was stored in the coal cellar! I therefore gave away or scrapped the majority and now have a few select pieces in addition to the pieces I use regularly.

Pride of place is my Beolab 5000 system though I do not use the Beovox 5000 Mk 3s or the Cubes. My Beomaster 4401 is also in regular use though not as much as it deserves.

Since the start of Beoworld, I have diversified my interests and now also collect fountain pens - De La Rue Onoto pens are my personal favourites though I have a fair number of makes now. As with B&O, I favour the vintage models but also have a number of new pens from makes such as Conway Stewart and Mont Blanc.

I spend a lot less time on Beoworld than in the old days but this is partly because I simply do not need to be there as much as we have so many knowledgeable members and an excellent team. I have made many good friends over the years such as Keith and Martin but none as good as Lee who is the most thoughtful and gentlemanly chap It has been my pleasure to meet.

Posted Sun, Feb 5 2012 7:36 PM by Peter


chartz wrote re: Another new start!
on Mon, Feb 6 2012 7:59 AM

Glad to have you back a little Peter!

We also miss the two Martins on the Forum, and I sincerely hope that the new version will bring them back quickly.

I will keep posting about my projects, help the ones who have problems I've come across, and well, just enjoy the pleasure of reading everybody's posts, especially in the workbench.


Professor David A Flynn JP wrote re: Another new start!
on Thu, Jul 3 2014 2:08 PM

Oh Peter stay on line.  You have been very helpful to me.  I have gone into reverse in collecting vintage fountain pens to collecting B&O.  I too have a number of Conway Stewarts, Parkers and Sheaffer fountain pens, biros and propelling pencils.  I think that last count was 60 in all. No having retired from work, I use them occasionally as I do some consultancy work - it is nice to see the younger people taking an interest in a lovely fountain pen once it is produced!!