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beosound 4 problem with beolink 1611


Thanks to this forum, I read that some people connected the non-B&O TV to their Beo stuff.

I connected the audio out of SONY LCD to the beolink 1611 and via master link to my beosound 4 (setting A.opt 2)

I control my TV with my BEO4 (thanks to Lintronic box)

This works fine BUT as soon as I put the volume higher or lower, my beosound 4 'display' freezes (display : ex VOLUME 34 and red dot goes on).  

It reacts to volume higher and lower (the volume) but I can not switch off the power anymore and the display does not change anymore.

I also have a beolab 3500 and I put this in stead of the beosound and than everything works excellent.

Also beosound4 and beolab 3500 also work fine through master link. (same cables)

(not important but I also don't get sound out of the beolink 1611 power link connection)

Can somebody help me please?

beolink 1611 SW 1.3

beolab 8000

besound 4


Posted Sat, Nov 16 2013 10:21 PM by beodesign