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Earset 1 for BeoCom 6000


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Hi all, I have a set of 5 wonderfully functioning Becom 6000 MkII phones. I want to get a earset for one of them. I have ascertained that I need an ear set 1 "Home" with its proprietary plug, (not be confused with the earset 1 "mobile" which has a 2.5mm jack on its end).

So on ebay I recently saw an ad for an Earset 1 for a Serene mobile with what looks like a propritary plug (although hard to really see). Does anyone know if that would be compatible with with a BeoCom 6000?

There is a useful page at which says:

"A new EarSet was introduced in February 2006 to complement the Serene mobile phone. Note that the EarSet provided for theSerene is specifically designed for the mobile phone and has a different connection to the standard EarSet 1 mobile products that are available for other mobile telephones." but that does not tell me about BeoCom 6000 compatibility?


Posted Mon, May 26 2014 10:20 AM by jamiemacmusic