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BeoCom 6000

i am having problems with my hand sets and wonder if anyone can help! The phones recently started to crackle very loudly making it impossible to hear the caller. I have tried resetting the phones but dont appear to have a dialing tone. Has anyone experienced the same?

Posted Sun, Nov 11 2012 10:33 AM by Tiling49


bramble wrote re: BeoCom 6000
on Sun, Jan 20 2013 7:05 PM


my 6000 done the same , i changed the ear &mic transmission ends  and it it worked for about 2 days and then it started to crackle again, was told unable to get replacement got a beocom 2


conlie wrote re: BeoCom 6000
on Sun, Jun 2 2013 10:42 AM

If your running internet ADSL or monitored alarms etc try changing your filters.  Also have a look at replacing the battery and the triangle plug that splits the lines.  It could also be your telephone lines so maybe have a chat to your telecom provider.  I have had the problem before, I have done the above and that has helped.  I also run a becom 2 and 5.  The 5 has crackling but the 2 and 6000 don't.

Betteboop wrote re: BeoCom 6000
on Fri, Jun 13 2014 5:47 PM

I've just purchased a beocom 2 mk2 and it crackles like hell.  When dialling out your can only hea the dialling tone in the background.  It has registered fine with the PSTN, accepted all the information I put init but it crackles like hell.  Someone please hell me!