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I previously E-mailed BeoWorld and was told to ask here. I was also told member Dillen on the forum should be able to Help Me.(See Enquiries below): I am certainly not a tech. guy and are fairly hopeless with computers. (It even took me a while to work out how to join). Hopefully i am entering my questions correctly.

Enquiry: Can you please try and help me. I have a B. & O. SYSTEM with 8000 Amp./Tuner, 8000 Turntable & 9000 Tape Deck & even the matching MC-80 Cabnet. Sadly all the electronics, (except MS-50 speakers) are in Need Of Parts & Not Working. Can you, or do you know anybody that can supply parts and possibly fix also. I live in Sydney AUSTRALIA so it would probably be better for me just to buy the parts and have fixed locally?






I also have some other Questions:

Is the Beogram 5005 a good Turntable?

Is the Beogram 5500 a good Turntable? It has a MMC 3 Cartridge.

How do above Turntables compare to my Beogram 8000 with MMC-20CL Cartridge (That i am trying to get fixed)?


Regarding a 8002 Turntable, Could it be repaired or used for parts to fix my 8000 Turntable?

Can a MMC-20CL Cartridge be fitted to the 8002?

Can a MMC-20CL Cartridge be fitted to the 5005?

What does two-way communication mean/do? (As per Used on BeoSound, i think model 2000 or 2500)? (I may purchase a BeoSound if i cannot get my 8000/9000 Gear fixed). I think the Ouverture/4000 is a later model and hopefully generally better? Reading write-ups by BEO WORLD, I beleive the 4000/Oveuture model has more features on the CD but no TWO WAY COMMUNICATION? As i don't know what it is i also don't know what is better/more important to me.

Can you tell me what model is the Top-Of-The-Range in the All-In-Ones? I think there is a 9200 or possibly it's a 9300? Is this the Top?

Sorry to ask so many questions; but as you can probably tell - i really need help!

I certainly look forward to receiving some feedback.

Best regards,



The Blunder from Down Under

Work Tel: [61] ( 2) 9438 4244 CoriCo TACKLE SUPPLIES

Work Fax: [61] ( 2) 9438 4945 CoriCo TACKLE SUPPLIES

Home Tel: [61] ( 2) 9460 1645

Mobile Tel: [61] 0421 726 794

P.S. I have been distributing quality FISHING GEAR for a long time and are more than willing to sell at the right price or even do some sort of swap if anybody is interested?






















Posted Mon, Aug 22 2016 7:29 PM by delitz22101960